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If I were to quote you the statistics about lost information as it pertains to laptops, you would be amazed.  But stop and ask yourself, do you backup your laptop information?  For many of us, the answer is no.  What happens if the laptop is stolen, or the hard drive crashes? We are reduced to sniffling piles of incoherent suits and ties for a few hours.  It’s only at this point, that many of us realize just how important our laptops are in our business life.

So, what about backup of laptop data?  Do you suppose, as a business person, we should begin to look at another safety measure for protection of our data?  I would think it’s about time, and the service is available, if we choose not to perform this task ourselves.

During 2003, over 500,000 laptops were stolen, of those stolen laptops, the vast majority was never recovered, and less than a thousand of those were backed up.  Those are unbelievable numbers, yet they are the reality in the use of laptops.  We just haven’t noticed how reliant we’re becoming on our laptops.

Today, backup of laptop data through online services, remote data backup, and offsite storage can provide us with the safety and assurance we need in determining that our data has been successfully backed up and is secure and safe on a storage media.

The lag in taking care of backup of laptop data has often been due to the fact that laptops are designed for on the go use. The laptop is not often found with a typical data storage media close at hand, or even available. That is about to change, thanks to the services of online data backup.  Now, even the busiest business person, should be able to schedule a backup time, set the clock for an early wakeup, and be ready to roll, right along with his laptop!

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